Ein kleines GamePort-Update

Es ist etwas still geworden um den GamePort. Er wurde anscheinend mit wanga.tv zusammengelegt, aber es ist auch völlig unklar, was das sein soll. Auf jeden Fall gibt es auf der offiziellen Seite ein kleines Update:

The person in charge of setting up the new web site has been selected.
He will start running the new site in July. The contents of the original site and forum will not be available anymore.
The new version of the development kit features the following:

* 1.5 million gates
* 2 banks of 64mb DDR memory on independant busses
* >1gb/s bus on each side
* Component and Composite video (HD Capable)
* Digital and Stereo analog audio
* SD memory card, USB host, USB device and Ethernet ports

Once the new forum is running, more light will be shed on the delays and answer all questions.
But rest assured that the hardware development has continued during the web downtime.

We want to thank everyone that has followed the project.
Since the demo on MTV, over half a million people have shown some curiousity: we will deliver!

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