FC Mobile II erschienen

Neben dem Wiz ist in den letzten Tagen auch der FC Mobile II erschienen. Der Preis liegt zwischen 50$ und 60$ und der erste Eindruck der Käufer bei DigitalPress klingt auch recht positiv:

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just came Monday. What a great deal for just $49.99 shipped, and I just
ordered it Friday. While I love it so far, a couple of minor gripes:

I really don’t like how in order to change the batteries (4 AA), I have
to use a mini screwdriver to take the back off. Also, why AA? Why not a
recharable like digital camera’s use? Finally, while the huge NES cart
has to stick out, it would have been nice if it went down all the way
to minimize it. It goes down less than halfway. An inch and a half is
clearly wasted.

Now, the positives:

I just tested it with Mike Yyson’s Punch-Out!! (on purpose, to
celebrate the release of the Wii version just released). The screen is
crisp and clear, and I like the button layout. They didn’t get the „A“
and „B“ backwards this time. Sound is loud. Slightly muzzled, but
should be much better with headphones. While a bit thick, the unit
(hehe, I said „thick unit“) is very light and compfortable. Was a
pleasure to play. I can’t tell you how well battery life is yet, nor
can I say how hooking it up to a TV is yet, but I’m sure the latter is

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