Pandora-Gehäuse brauchen noch etwas Arbeit

Craig schreibt folgendes:

Michael has been building units and testing everything the last 36 hours, Here are the findings on the cases.

The cases work as cases, from the outside you cannot tell there is
anything wrong at all, but as you know we have to live with these for
the next 2 years at least, so any issues no matter how small have been
noted and the factory know:

The lower part has a tiny bit of shrinkage on the back edge, but we
already knew about that and it has been fixed at the factory already.

The LCD cable slot is TIGHT, it needs to be more open to make assembly
faster (although it does work in the current form but is fiddly to get

The shoulder buttons need a tweak to be perfect (travel distance feels
as if it needs to be a fraction more for better feedback).

Plus some shaving here and there internally which the factory told us to expect to be needed.

Apart from the shoulder buttons these issues are on one piece, the lower base.

We are waiting to hear from the factory about how long this will take
to fix. We are hoping we can get a batch from them around the 17th.

Frantic times indeed!

Oh and units have started shipping to devs. I’ll be making many new videos next week.

Oder um es kurz zu fassen: Die Pandora wird erst 2010 fertig. Als kleine Entschädigung gibt es ein Bild, das eine Pandora neben einem Nintendo DS zeigt:

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