Der Mi2

Der MI2 ist ein Handheld, der auf den ersten Blick aussieht wie ein Dingoo A320. Er bietet 100 integrierte Spiele, einen Touchscreen und ist leider momentan für Homebrew nicht offen.

Rakkachi hat im Dingoo Digital-Forum folgendes zu dem Gerät zu sagen:

The Mi-2 Gameconsole arrived today in a box, a big big box. It could easily hold 30 dingoos,

After opening it thought i found out why. Its contents: a (big) MI-2 gamesconsole, a tv-output

cable, a manual, headset, a usb-to-mini-usb cable, a adapter, a wriststrap, and a accupack. seems

i will have to fit the accupack myself. It is fitted behind a plate with a screw so that wont

give mouch trouble. charging happens trough the adapter, the usb is for data only.

The console itself is very big, rougly the lenght of a (old)psp and as thick as a original DS.

most switches are simyliar to the dingoo, theres a fourpoint steering cross, a A B X and Y button

on the right. the select button from the dingoo is changed into a O-button playstation style.

Start is replaced by a MENU button. The internal microfone is placed just above this Menu button.

Sound comes from two small holes on the left and right corner. The top of the console is packed

with 2 shoulderbuttons a AV-output, the mini-usb port, and the powersupply input. The headset

jack is placed on the bottom of the device, together with the power switch.

At startup the console shows the manafacturer name Conny, then a boot screen appears showing the

MI-2 logo. The crossmediabar looks nice and clean (oh no wait this is not a psp) and can be

controlled with touchscreen or buttons. strangely enough it is in english but about 80 procent of

the games is in dutch. Most games are simple clones of existing games like breakout and mario but

there are a few that are really unique.

overall it looks convincing, but i already found that the buttons tend to stick if you press them to hard. And the motion sensor could lose a few pounds so that it will react a little faster. Touch screen resolution could be better but since the games are adapted/written for this console it works well enough. Screen is a little darker then the dingoo and there is no light setting, resolution is good enough for the games played.

a nice addition to my console collection

Wer sich einen besorgen will, kann es in diesem niederländischen Shop versuchen.

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  1. Screeny on

    Nein, kann man leider nicht versuchen.
    Der niederländische Shop verschickt nicht nach Deutschland 😦

    Habe dort nachgefragt…

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