Die Pandora-Boards sind da

…und es ist erstaunlicherweise schon wieder etwas schief gegangen. Craigix twittert:

I’m in a state of absolute rage. UPS left all the Pandora boards outside at a neighboring business – anyone could have walked off with them.


Anscheinend ist aber nichts passiert, ich wundere mich allerdings, dass UPS eine 1 Tonne schwere Lieferung irgendwo anders abliefert und keinen Liefertermin vereinbart.

Update: Craigix meldet sich im oben verlinkten Thread mit ein paar Details, die einen wirklich schlucken lassen…

Here is what happened this morning:

I get up early, watch Educating Rita, have a bath, do some work, go to leave and see a UPS note in the porch. I assume they called while I was in the bath.

The note just has the name of a local garden centre on it (a place which sells plants).

I assume that they have thought I was the garden centre and messed up. I decided to drive up to the garden centre and give them the UPS note.

But then on the outside of the door is another UPS note with my name on it.

At this point I was confused. I’m not expecting anything today… well apart from the Pandora stuff… but that’s not until next week.

So what does this all mean? One with my name, one with the name of a local business?

Anyway by time time it’s 2pm and I know the garden place has lazy friday afternoons.

Suddenly a horrible thought comes to me… I’m not in… garden centre up the road… they would not have done that would they? But if they have it will be safe, right?

So I take my two notes and drive up there.


Place is deserted – friday afternoon after all.

Just as I’m about to turn the car around… what do I see in the parking spaces? A pile of boxes.

Yes – outside.

No one around.

At this point I’m shaking with rage. I park. I walk over. Yes. They are our boards. Outside. Where the public can just walk up.

There is no one else around.

I wander about looking for some staff, finally I go over and open a door and there is an old guy there.

He says he guesses they are mine. I tell him how much those boards are worth. He looks amazed. He tells me I’d better phone UPS.

I agree.

I take the boards and drive home.

Now I’m chasing up the REST of that delivery….

PS I just realised the old guy had no way of knowing who I was – I could have been anyone.

PPS no – it didn’t rain today, although it looks like it might now.

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