Saving the best for last, there was one final demo I played before I was ushered out of the 3DS booth. With only 2 spots to see it and apparently often overlooked, I had a wonderful look at something that has been an interest of mine for a long time: augmented reality. A card was placed on the table before me, marked with a Mario Bros “?” block. Using the cameras on the back of the 3DS, I was instructed to look through the 3DS at the card and calibrate it from a distance of 14″. Once completed, I was blown away: the card “opened” up and a colorful tropical island unfolded from the table itself, using the table’s textures applied to 3D elements. Bulls-eye targets then popped up, and I use the 3DS to “aim” at the targets and press the buttons to fire arrows and blast the targets. I even had to walk around the virtual island to see targets on all sides. I was flat-out blown away, and constantly had to peek around the 3DS to remind myself that it was all virtual. Holy crap, do I want a 3DS now.


Hoffen wir, dass solche unglaublich cool klingenden Anwendungen nicht nur Techdemos bleiben, sondern wirklich erscheinen. Richtiges 3D-Augmented Reality ist etwas, was man sonst nur aus Science Fiction-Filmen kennt und das ich unbedingt ausprobieren will.

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