Pandora-Investment steht

ED schreibt:

This will be a short newspost, as I had a loooong day and want to get some rest… but…
We got enough investments to start everything here in Germany!
Thanks a lot to anyone who kindly invest their money for the trust – I will do everything to get things running as good and smooth as possible!
If you are one of the guys who are thinking about investing but haven’t made your final decision yet:
Don’t worry, you’re not too late – I’ve got 350K EUR right now and will accept investments up to 450K EUR… as that means that I can buy more parts at once which decreases the production costs as well.
So, during the next week, it’s time to prepare all the contracts and send them to the investors.
We’re very good within my timeframe, so it still looks like the big run in Germany will start in January.
Tomorrow I’ll have a meeting with the guys from EBV (major distributor for parts, we bought all the TI parts from them) to discuss how to move the parts for Batch 2 from CircuitCo in Texas to Global Components in Germany.
I’ll let you know how it goes.
Also, if you didn’t see it yet:
Both Craig, me and quite a few guys from the community will be at the Replay Expo 2011 in Blackpool.
So if you ever wanted to meet us, here’s a good chance. There’ll be lots of arcade games, etc, as well – i’ll be fun!
So, hope to see you – and thanks again for all your support

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