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Der Gamebuino ist ein weiterer Ardunio-basierter Handheld:

  • CPU : atmega328 @ 16Mhz (like an Arduino Uno)
  • Display : 84*48px monochrome (like the good old nokia 3310) + auto backlight
  • Sound : magnetic speaker, 4 channels
  • Input : Arrows + A B C buttons
  • Communication : 1x micro USB, 1x micro SD card, 2x I2C
  • Battery : 24h life, 240mAh LiPo battery, charged through USB
  • Dimensions : about the size of a credit card ; 90*45*12 mm (3.5*1.8*0.5″)



  • Brilliant OLED Display
  • 6 Soft-Touch Tactile Buttons
  • 2 Channel Piezo Speaker
  • Durable Metal & Polycarbonate Construction
  • 8+ Hour Battery Life & Rechargable
  • Fully Programmable with Arduino!

Arduboy is an open platform for people to play, create and share games. A game system the size of a credit card. Choose your favorite classic game from the completely free Arduboy Arcade. Built on the popular Arduino software, it’s also an excellent way to learn how to program! Because you can learn to make your own games, Arduboy is a game system the size of your imagination!

Gameboy Back to The Future II Delorean Edition